The Best Exercises to Do in Winter: Don’t Gain Weight in the Holiday Season

Face it, we all gain some weight around Christmas. And now, with the gyms closed, we really need to find out how and where to workout! Here are the best exercises to do in winter!

Single-leg deadlifts

The monopod requires stability and leg strength, so take a light to medium weight dumbbell to complete each step. This is an exercise that challenges your balance, and it is one of the best balance exercises to do in winter – challenging exercises for the upper body. 

Start by stepping straight with your left leg and lowering dumbbells down to the floor, making sure your pelvis points to the floor during the movement. If you reach a comfortable height with your left legs, press the right gluten to return to your starting position. Start with a hip swing and start with a slight, mute bell on the right side of your body and a heavyweight on your right shoulder. 

Start by standing upright, feet on your shoulders, arms stretched sideways and downwards. Repeat 10-12 repetitions until you shift the weight to your left hand and repeat the same step with your left leg. 

When your hands reach the floor, let your legs go straight back into a push-up position – up and start squatting your hands in front of your nose. Bring your feet as close to your hand as possible and jump into the palms of your hands, which hang around your waist. If necessary, land your foot on your fingers and bring them back to the ground where they land on them. 


Put your arms above your head and crouch on the floor in front of you, your hands over your shoulders and feet on the floor. 

A healthy body needs a strong core as a base, so don’t neglect the core-specific movements such as side planks. Focus on your mind-muscle connection to control the movement to ensure you execute each step effectively. 

Side planks

Lie on your right side and stack your left leg and left foot on top of your right leg or foot, with your left knee on the floor and your other knee in front of it. Contract your core by stiffening your spine and lifting your hips and knees off the floor to form a straight line across your body. Support your upper body with your arms, leaning your right forearms directly above your shoulders to the floor and elbows. Return to the start in a controlled manner and return to the starting position with both knees and hips. 

Look right in front of your hands and keep your chin slightly covered and start in a push-up position – upwards. This board is a good opportunity to target the upper body, especially the upper back and lower back, as well as hips and shoulders. 

Breathe deeply and in a controlled manner while keeping your whole body stretched and tying your abdomen, shoulders, triceps, and mud together – four-legged friends. 


Start by lying on the floor with your palms down, your body and knees forming a straight line, and your upper back and shoulders should still be in contact with the floor. Push your heels to lift your hips off the floor while squeezing your midsection, hip, and leg muscles together. This gluten bridge works effectively over the entire back chain, which is best begged and makes your prey look alive. 

Glute bridge

This basic exercise is good for the body, but there is always room to push the body further. Switch your routine to a live-action workout by performing steps, rotating around, returning to the starting position, and back again. 

Here are the best exercises to do in winter, so you can stay in shape. They provide a great challenge for all the muscle groups. Practice them and you’ll look wow! in spring! And in case if you love working out in the cold, then Central Park is the place to go!

More exercises that you can practice! Or you’re a yoga person?