Yoga Poses for Beginners: Let’s Get Started!

In the morning you get up and stretch into many basic yoga poses that seem very familiar to you. Yoga doesn’t have to be difficult, but it introduces mindfulness by paying attention to how your body’s position really feels. You can do any yoga pose by putting your arms above your head and stretching until you feel it. Here are the best yoga poses for beginners!

Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

Even if it looks like you are standing up, there is a lot going on in the mountain and the body bends and folds naturally in this pose. Mindful and conscious breathing allows you to create poses like the ones below that are organic in how the body moves. This sequence of 10 poses looks simple but strengthens all your main muscle groups. 

From the shoulder blades to the shoulders, stack the bones directly above the hips, tie the leg muscles and lift the crown. 

Raised Arms Pose (Urdhva Hastansana)

Put your arms over your head and breathe in, but do not breathe in; breathe in and exhale, then breathe in again. 

Raising arms is the basic morning route, but keep your shoulders away from your ears while reaching for your fingertips. Stay on your heels and focus on a good alignment that will get you into the mountain position. Her gaze reaches to her hands, which are shoulder-width apart, and can touch the palm of her hand. 

Standing Forward Bend (Uttanasana)

If your knee joints feel a bit tense at first, bend your knees forward so that you can loosen your spine. Fold your legs forward in a bend and let your head hang heavily, but do not let it hang too long. 

Garland Pose (Malasana)

Move your feet to the edge of the mat and grab the opposing elbow and gently switch the side to the side. It is not necessary to straighten your legs, but keep your back straight to achieve better stability. When you come out of the squat, bend your knees slightly forward so that they bend slightly before your hips. 

Sit on two blocks stacked on top of each other so that your heels do not reach the ground and your toes are on the toes, which may prove necessary. 


This is also a very useful pose for those who like to work in the garden, but modifications have made this pose more accessible to many people. This is a natural position for children, but adults lose some sense of it. So be good with your hips and counteract the effects of sitting too long in an armchair, driving a car, etc. 

When you are ready, step back onto the mat with your left leg and bend your right knee into a deep lunge. When you bring yourself to the floor, you can put your hands on the block, but when you are ready, bend your knees and bend your left knee.


Yoga is crucial when it comes to quarantine and home office. It reduces all the health risks caused by sitting all day every day. These yoga poses for beginners are the best start you can get!

You can practice them in the open! Central Park is the best place for yoga!

Working out is important!