Cardio Exercise at Home: Burn Those Extra Pounds

You run, cycle, cycle, walk, or maybe even row, but what if you do a regular cardio workout at home with a good friend or even just a few friends? The answer? The best cardio exercise at home!

This way you get every part of your body moving, burn more calories, and forget to stop burning. The real deal is to halve the time of your cardio exercise at home by doing HIIT or circuit training by 150-75% a week. When the body returns to its regularly scheduled balance program, it continues to burn calories at a higher rate during the workout. It could get worse: swap your balance for a HIIT workout or circuit workout or vice versa.

High Knees

How it works: First, stand on the mat with your arms bent 90 degrees and your hands hip-high in front of your body. Lift your right knee and bend your right leg to touch the palm of your hand, return it to the floor and quickly repeat the exercise on the left side. Move to your side and increase your speed for an extra challenge, then move to another side for a total of two reps per move.

Do 20 reps, then immediately move on to the next move and repeat twice for a total of three rounds. Do six to eight exercises in total and rest for at least 30 seconds after completion of the exercise. You can do this move like a real skipping rope, but do six or eight in total and then repeat twice or more, three in a round, five repetitions in total.

In both cases, the form is the same, but with the exception of some minor changes in body position and number of repetitions, the form behaves the same.

Jump Rope

How it works: First, turn a small circle with a forward movement of your forearms and make a quick bounce movement with your feet. Keep your elbows tight to your body and bend forward to bring your forearm to a wide hip height.

Do 20 reps, six to eight in total, then repeat twice, three rounds in total. After finishing the exercise, rest for a few seconds and then immediately move on to the next step. Rep. Do 20 repetitions, each jump equals one round of the same exercise or two rounds of another.

Squat Jump

How to do it: First squat down, hands pressed together in front of your chest, then push your feet off while stretching your legs and jumping off the floor and swing your arms around your body.

For more information on this exercise, see this video on the American Heart Association website and this article from the National Institutes of Health.

Do 10 repetitions, then repeat twice (three rounds in total), then rest for 10 seconds after the end of the exercise and move on to the next step immediately. Do six to eight rounds in total, rest for 10 to 15 seconds and then repeat twice (more than three rounds in total).

Kettlebell Swing

In one movement, stretch your legs, squeeze your glands together, reverse the movement and lift your upper body. Place a kettlebell on your leg at each joint and push your hips forward, swinging the weight at chest level and keeping your back straight. In one of these movements, stretch the leg and squeeze the entire gland together.

Do 10 repetitions, then repeat twice more (three rounds in total) and move on to the next move. Do six to eight rounds in total, rest for 10 seconds after each exercise and then repeat twice (more than three rounds in total).

Plank Get-Up

How to do it: Start at the bottom of the squat, parallel to your elbows and shoulders, with your right hand on top of your left hand. Take the right forearm and press down the palm of both hands while straightening the arm.

How do you make your heart pump and your sweat drip, and how does it work for you? It includes compound exercises such as cardio, strength training, cardio exercise at home, and even exercise with friends and family members.

Is cardio too intensive for you? Then try yoga!

The best place for exercising? Central Park, of course!