Yoga and Meditation: Name a More Iconic Duo

With all the spiritual and health practices that have become popular in the West in the last 50 years, we tend to lump yoga and meditation together. But when we read about one, the other is usually not far away: meditation and yoga.


When you practice yoga, you are naturally exercising your body, but you should also train your mind. Meditation is better than yoga in five key areas: concentration, focus, awareness, attention, and concentration.

Each time you put your body into an asana (pose), you should concentrate on this pose for at least 30 seconds. Asana is experienced by concentrating one’s mind on a pose or body, but not vice versa.

Yoga Asana offers many mental health benefits, but to grasp these benefits you really need to focus on what you are doing. Unfortunately, many people do not leave their thoughts and distractions at the door of the yoga studio. So you can’t concentrate on yoga, and we know that meditation helps concentration and concentration.

So when you take a yoga pose, it is easier to concentrate on your mind and body, and the result is a complete immersion in the body of the asana.

Better Breathing

One of the lesser-known benefits of meditation is that it changes the way your body uses oxygen. Scientific research has shown that meditation reduces oxygen consumption by up to 10%. This means that you can better control your breathing during meditation, which can lead to a reduction in your blood pressure.

If you buy pants, it is no surprise that there is a meditation center nearby, but if you have bought yoga pants, is it no surprise that there is a meditation center nearby? Despite the obvious correlation between yoga and meditation, there are still countless people who do one thing and others who do not. Yoga is a better meditation because it creates a relaxed body that is conducive to a relaxed mind. Not to mention that it is also much easier to get into a lotus position without feeling that your legs are split in half.

Yoga is super beneficial!

And the best place for both can be Central Park!