Yoga for Treating Anxiety: The Science Behind It

According to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the anxiety rate in the US has more than tripled since the second quarter, from 8.1% in 2019 to 25.5% in 2020. And according to science, yoga is perfect for treating anxiety!

Dealing with these burdensome emotions is both difficult and feasible, but yoga has not received the same attention in medical research. Not surprisingly, more and more people are relying on traditional yoga for treating their anxiety, a practice that combines four techniques. Exercises, breathing techniques, relaxation, and meditation have been shown to help against anxiety.

the anxiety rate in the US has more than tripled since the second quarter, from 8.1% in 2019 to 25.5% in 2020.

Is Yoga That Efficient?

But that is beginning to change, and health experts and researchers are finding out why yoga is so effective at regulating emotions and for treating anxiety.

However, many of the symptoms of anxiety are actually physical, and when anxiety increases, it can begin to affect daily activities and overall well-being, thus meeting the criteria for generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and other mental disorders. Mentally, these are days that are omnipresent, long gone – exaggerated worries and tensions, fears about the future, or foreseen catastrophes. Patients cannot control themselves if they realize that their fear is more than justified.

Treating symptoms

Such symptoms are part of the activation, fight, or escape from the stress that prepares the mind and body for real or imaginary threats and causes significant changes in body, mind, and emotions.

Conventional medical treatments for anxiety include medications that do not necessarily address the underlying causes of anxiety. Underlying anxiety mechanisms, such as self-regulation and self-control, are considered the gold standard of behavioral therapy but are not effective for everyone.

Yoga at its finest

Given the physical symptoms of anxiety, it is, therefore, best to deal with both the body and the mind for successful anxiety treatment, which makes yoga an effective option. This approach focuses primarily on the psychological aspects of anxiety, and yoga can combat the symptoms and causes of anxiety by strengthening the instruments necessary for emotional regulation. Feelings of anxiety can quickly become overpowering and lead to depression, anxiety disorders, depression – such as symptoms, panic attacks, and even suicide attempts.


The rapid pace of insecurity in modern society is causing a crippling level of stress and anxiety. There is a psycho-social crisis accelerated by the COVID 19 pandemic and chronic unmanaged stress is damaging to our quality of life. Perceived stress or anxiety can be a normal and healthy response to life circumstances.

The best place for Yoga? Central Park!

Yoga and meditation are the iconic duo of healing anxiety!